Offer a Virtual Reality experience, personalized with your logo
From $9.95 / user
Four 3D games in which your brand is the hero
From $9.95 / user
Three 360° films inside Paris, City of Lights!
From $9.95 / user
More than just a business gift,
a unique experience...
By offering Kubbick VR to your customers and partners, you are offering them more than just a business gift.

It's a unique experience where the user is immersed into your 3D world.

We have designed 4 original games in which your brand is the hero: Search for the Logo, Secret Combination, Quiz on your Brand, Cabinet of Curiosity.
In addition, we offer three films on Paris, City of Lights, three sensory and artistic experiences produced by TV5 MONDE and LE FORUM DES IMAGES.
Kubbick VR uses the latest web VR technologies with the widest smartphone compatibility.

There’s no need to download an application. You access all the content directly through your Smartphone browser, via a simple url or a QR code.

Insert your phone into the cardboard viewer, bring your eyes close and dive into a new reality.
An experience that your customers will remember. Place your brand and logo on an object at the cutting edge of technology!
The Virtual Reality Cardboard
We've chosen Google Cardboard V2 as our reference model because it has an action button for playing games and viewing videos, and because it fits with most smartphones sizes (screens from 4 to 6 inches).

Our VR Cardboards are very easy to set up.

They are made with high-end materials, reinforced cardboard and wide asymmetrical biconvex lenses.

Last but not least, we love that its marking surface and its protective sleeve allow so much creative freedom for your team to work with.

Write down your messages! Put your logo onto the most modern object available!
New packs coming soon
FULL VR PACK with V2 cardboard
100 to 499
500 to 999
1,000 to 2,499
2,500 to 4,999
5,000 to 9,999
XXXX / unit.
15,95 € / unit.
13,95 € / unit.
12,55 € / unit.
11,15 € / unit.
9,95 € / unit.
For each user, 1 Cardboard (V2 type) with action button

Customization of all Cardboard sides + sleeve

Easy web access to the experience (Web 3D VR)

3D VR Home / Reception Room with your logo

4 fun and smart games with your logo

3 VR 360° Films, discovering unique places in Paris city

Free Delivery of all the cardboards to 1 single address
Custom development of 3D designs and VR games

Presentation of your products in 3D VR

360° Video Production

Custom Virtual Reality Experiences
Goodies and Business Gift Resellers, Communication Agencies, Kubbick VR is made for you.

Ask us our reseller price in order to offer Kubbick VR to your customers.

You can opt for the Full VR Pack (content + VR cardboard) or choose content only in order to include your own VR cardboards into your proposals to your customers.

We also respond to specific development requests: original games, custom 360 videos and custom 3D designs for web VR, etc...

Our philosophy is simple: your customers are your customers and we will do our utmost to assist you.
For their business gifts, they have chosen techno-chic objects powered by Kubbick
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